VIKELA Applications

For anything that can be made lighter or stronger, think VIKELA

APIS Stab Protection

APIS takes its inspiration from hardened natural structures that have been optimised for strength and flexibility. VIKELA have structured the APIS range around the honeycomb structure, offering lightweight material that distributes forces evenly and effectively away from the user.

The material used to construct our APIS range does not allow any blade penetration, tests its edge cases and ensures that armour for female use is of the same standard and provides equal protection as the male counterpart, as current armour only tests female armour to 50% of the impact force as male armour.

TYRELLA Ballistic Protection

The TYRELLA range of ballistic protection has been developed to promote comfort and lightweight protection using 21st-century manufacturing methods that out perform current heavy and outdated body armour. 

Reducing the stresses on the human body is the primary design focus of TYRELLA product development. This in turn leads to a reduction in user injury, whilst increasing agility, movement, speed and endurance. 

VIKELA products offer you paramount safety when performing the day-to-day duties of your job, ensuring you make it home safely at the end of your shift.