APIS Stab Protection

The APIS stab protection range, the first application of our technology, addresses current problems of heavy, uncomfortable armour, designed to withstand 50% less force for female use due to current material and design issues

APIS Range

APIS takes its inspiration from hardened structures in the natural world that have been optimised for strength and flexibility. VIKELA have structured the APIS range around the honeycomb structure, offering lightweight material that distributes forces evenly and effectively away from the user.

The material used to construct our APIS range does not allow any blade penetration, tests its edge cases and ensures that armour for female use is of the same standard and provides equal protection as the male counterpart, as current armour only tests female armour to 50% of the impact force as male armour.

Current Protection


As seen in the diagram above, stab tests are only conducted in the middle square. Edges are not traditionally tested, as they would fail. This allows sub-standard equipment to pass, and be sold in the market.

VIKELA tests the entire area of the armour to the same standard as the central area of other manufacturers.

Edge case diagram

Yes, current body armour allows up to 30mm of knife penetration, deep enough to cause a collapsed lung. So in effect, armour which is readily available on the market is not foolproof, nor does it adequately protect the body's vital organs.

The VIKELA standard allows for 0mm penetration, completely protecting the body and keeping the wearer safe.

Using our smart material and 3D manufacturing process, VIKELA is able to adapt to the user's body, further understanding the complexities and curvature of the human body.


By creating a product based on human-centred manufacturing, we ensure that our product works with the user, rather than against them.

APIS will fundamentally change how safe employees feel when performing their jobs.

Peter Gilleece
Peter Gilleece

Founder at VIKELA

Paramedics with body armour

Safety Driven

In certain lines of work, employees face worries over personal safety when dealing with members of the public.

The APIS range is developed to provide peace of mind to those who work with the public, such as paramedics, police officers, construction workers and teachers alike, to ensure that they can perform their jobs effectively, without the worry of being injured in unexpected altercations or injuries which may arise in the workplace.

VIKELA products offer you paramount safety when performing the day-to-day duties of your job, ensuring you make it home safely at the end of your shift.