Strength Through



Advanced 3D Printing For Products That Save Lives And Protect The World

Next Generation Stab Protection

Flexible and lightweight, the APIS stab protection range is designed for optimised comfort and protection

Human-Centred Design

We use our patent pending 3D printing technology to create composites that radically change the relationship between hardware design and the needs of customers.

Manufacturing that works for people, not the other way around.


Full body customisation

Manufacturing hardware to fit all users of all sizes.

All products are 100% recyclable

End of product life considered throughout design.

Lighter, stronger materials

Our smart material enables lighter, stronger products.

Product leasing model

Reducing user cost and providing flexibility on ownership.

Respected In The Industry

Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, we have been invited to a number of highly reputable industry events and platforms to showcase our product, winning numerous industry-leading prizes and funding. 

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