Our TYRELLA ballistics range prioritises lightweight body armour while maintaining high protection standards. 


Our TYRELLA range has been developed using 21st-century manufacturing methods to promote comfort and lightweight protection, out-performing current heavy and outdated body armour.

Reducing the stresses on the human body is the primary focus of the development of TYRELLA. This, in turn, leads to a reduction in user injury, whilst increasing agility, movement speed and endurance.

Decentralised Manufacturing

VIKELA’s unique manufacturing process allows for decentralised manufacturing, giving the ability to produce body armour in the field, as and when required.

This can drastically reduce logistical costs and complications of body armour transportation, allowing for resources to be more effectively used elsewhere. This method of manufacturing also ensures that armour can still be produced locally in the event of geographical restrictions or military blockades. 

Strength Through Structure

Better for soldiers, better for the planet. Our innovation is manufactured using the latest technology. Vikela armour finds its superior strength from our unique patent pending structure in our material. 

75% Lighter

Our smart material enables a lighter stronger body armour.

100% body protection

We offer full body coverage, including extremities.

Designed to fit men and women equally

Designed for diversity, engineered for equality.

Product is 100% recyclable

Vikela armour is made from material that is 100% recyclable.

Reduces fatigue and burnout

Leading to increased energy and soldier awareness.

Logistical efficiency

Reduces fuel cost and space needed to transfer armour.

TYRELLA is lighter, stronger, and smarter than any existing armour in the field.

Peter Gilleece
Peter Gilleece

Founder at VIKELA