The Future of Ballistic Armour: Sustainable, Lightweight, and Comfortable Protection


Welcome to the future of ballistic armour! At Vikela, we are revolutionizing the industry by creating the next generation of armor that combines sustainability, light weight, and comfort without compromising on protection.

Traditional ballistic armor has often been associated with heavy and uncomfortable gear that can hinder movement and cause fatigue. But we believe that safety should never come at the cost of comfort. Our mission is to provide you with state-of-the-art armor that not only keeps you safe but also enhances your overall performance.

Sustainability at the Core

One of the key aspects that sets our ballistic armor apart is its sustainability. We understand the importance of protecting not only our customers but also the environment. Our armor is made using innovative, eco-friendly materials that have minimal impact on the planet.

By utilizing sustainable manufacturing practices, we strive to reduce waste, energy consumption, and carbon footprint throughout the entire production process. Our commitment to sustainability ensures that you can have peace of mind knowing that your armor is not only protecting you but also preserving the environment for future generations.

Lightweight and Comfortable

Gone are the days of heavy and cumbersome armor. Our next generation ballistic protection is designed to be lightweight and comfortable, allowing you to move freely and without hindrance. We understand that agility and flexibility are essential in high-pressure situations, and our armor is tailored to meet those needs.

Our engineers have worked tirelessly to develop advanced materials and construction techniques that reduce weight without compromising on protection. From the moment you put on our armor, you will notice the difference – the freedom to move, the comfort against your body, and the confidence that comes with knowing you are well-protected.

The Ultimate Protection

While sustainability, lightweight, and comfort are at the forefront of our armor’s design, we never compromise on protection. Our ballistic armor undergoes rigorous testing and meets the highest industry standards to ensure your safety in even the most challenging environments.

Whether you are a law enforcement officer, a military personnel, or a security professional, our armor is engineered to provide you with the ultimate protection. We believe that everyone deserves to feel safe and secure, and our mission is to make that a reality.


As we look towards the future, Vikela is leading the way in creating ballistic armor that is sustainable, lightweight, and comfortable. Our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction sets us apart in the industry. Experience the next generation of armor and be part of the revolution. Stay safe, stay protected with Vikela.

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