The VIKELA Process

Vikela has developed its own unique manufacturing method, with human-centred design at its core. A way to combine ergonomics and hardware that creates unparalleled comfort and usability

Our Design Philosophy

VIKELA considers the standard design parameters of product needs and size limits, but also movement data. This allows us to create products knowing the full range of motion the user needs and create designs specific to their end use cases.

We are manufacturing products that work with the user and not against them.

Standard Process

VIKELA Process

VIKELA process

Manufacturing Tailored To Products

3D printers are designed to print anything and everything, Vikela tweaks its custom printers to print specific products on a large scale. This allows us to better control quality and most importantly print speed. This is what allows the Vikela process to bring 3d printing to scaled manufacturing.

Once the product has completed its production run or during hiatuses Vikela is able to quickly alter printers to fit other products, creating a new seamless production proess. This means Vikela is not limited to industry or specific products and can use its design process to optimise new markets in the future.

Product Leasing Model

VIKELA offers a new kind of flexible purchasing option. Because VIKELA can design, manufacture and recycle in-house we can offer a product leasing model. We can work with customers directly allowing for personalised designs and new product creation. We then lease these products to the user over an agreed period of time, reducing up-front cost for the customer.

At the end of the agreed upon period VIKELA can take back the products at no cost to the customer and recycle them in-house, using the materials to create new products. This reduces customer disposal costs and allows them to move closer to their net zero targets.